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Synonyms for bagful

the quantity that a bag will hold


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He's on trial (with a bagful of cronies) for "aggravated pimping", so la belle France has listened, open-mouthed, to allegations of his consorting with eight prostitutes in one night in a Paris hotel.
Huge Teesside favourite Jason Cook is special guest MC, and comes direct from the Edinburgh fringe with a bagful of glowing reviews under his arm.
T"PADDINGTON Bear" delivered a bagful of " marmalade sandwiches to the ECH's office yesterday - it was a bread firm's PR stunt, but its timing was impeccable as this month also sees the launch of a new collection of classic Paddington tales by Michael Bond.
Summary: Trust Dubai to come up with a bagful of surprises throughout the year.
The 23-year-old daughter of F1 mogul Bernie Ecclestone managed to pick up a bagful of goodies in leather trousers so tight that it was a marvel she could even breathe, much less walk, the Daily Mail reported.
We were brilliant for 86 minutes against Dunfermline and created a bagful of chances.
Now the man with the thick Scouse accent and a bagful of stories about home, family, sport and life is a seemingly permanent fixture on our TV screens.
The Spanish model, 36 - who has two kids with Lamps - left a shop carrying a bagful of goodies and nibbling on a loaf of bread.
Mot returns and gets what he came for (a bagful of juicy sausages) after eventually speaking to the butcher in Welsh.
According to the report published in Saturday's edition of NYT, Iran paid bagful of cash to Omar Daudzai, President Hamid Karzai's chief of staff.
Team captain Colin Montgomerie is also bound to collect a bagful of votes after masterminding Europe's win in Wales.
Having started the season on a positive note with a bagful of points in the F1 feeder series, the latter half of the season hasn't been very productive for him.
Huge chunks of rubber were put in its jaws, Where it chewed them and rolled them with never a pause, Compounds were added from cans on a rack, Then a bagful of something they called "carbon black".
Jones has failed in a number of attempts to land a big name striker this summer, but knows Healy could score goals by the bagful at Championship level.
UNITED KINGDOM: A conman walked off with a bagful of cash from Barclays, BritaineCOs third-biggest bank, by posing as its chairman, the bank admitted yesterday.