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(Yiddish) glazed yeast-raised doughnut-shaped roll with hard crust


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Unlike Einstein, Manhattan Bagel is offering a free bagel, no purchase necessary.
Selfridges is the first major retailer to stock the bagel in the UK.
In 1954 the family company became the first to mass-produce and freeze bagels, in order to spread out production over the week at its bakery, instead of having to produce most of the bagels on Sunday.
There was a sharp split between bagel bakeries and bread bakeries.
To avail of this fabulous offer - simply fill out all details on the coupon below, take it to your nearest Bagel Bar store listed and receive a delicious regular bagel of your choice, worth EUR5.
According to Balinska, the antecedent to the bagel originated in regions like Puglia, the heel of the Italian boot, where taralli, tiny cracker-like rolls with a hole, are first boiled for a minute or two and then baked to obtain their shine and crispy texture.
You can't buy just any WinCo bagel and expect to be impressed.
Bagel sales in the retail sector have now reached a staggering 43.
Combining these two factors leads us to infer that the second set of a claycourt match is most likely to be a bagel set and the first set of a grass-court encounter the least and the two main reasons for this are as follows.
Leading bagel maker, Mr Bagels, is putting in place the investment needed to achieve its ambitious sales targets by adding state of the art frozen and ambient packing lines to the production process in an investment programme costing half a million pounds.
expands its bagel offerings with Sara Lee Delightful Bagels.
The North East's first bagel bar opened this week, with plans for more throughout the region.
The former chairman of a Manhattan Bagel subsidiary was sentenced Friday to 7 1/2 years in federal prison for inflating the number of bagels the chain sold, and for other crimes unrelated to the chain.
A good bagel and a good politician may be equally hard to find.
On March 3, Ben and Sylvia Schlegel sold their three Schlegel's Bagel Cafes to Ronnie and Leslie Treat of Springdale.