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Synonyms for bagatelle

a light piece of music for piano

something of little value or significance

a table game in which short cues are used to knock balls into holes that are guarded by wooden pegs

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Toujours selon la meme source, le projet aura coute la bagatelle d'unmilliard de yuans, soit environ 136,50millions d'euros.
Bagatelle: If joie de vivre is what's on the menu for New Year's Day, look no further than Bagatelle, a French staple in New York City, known for exquisite and delicious dishes like poutine fries with chorizo, curd cheddar, tomato, eggs sunny side up, short rib and onion sauce, a hangover Burger made with wagyu steak, lettuce, tomato, cornichons, bacon, eggs, jalapeno and chipotle sauce on a potato bun, and French brioche with white chocolate chips, vanilla rum cream and chocolate sauce.
Summary: The X Factor runner-up will be at Bistrot Bagatelle this Saturday
Bistrot Bagatelle opened at the Fairmont Hotel Dubai in November 2015, offering an upmarket, chic brand of French cuisine.
Dubai Walking in to Maison Bagatelle on a weekday morning for a late breakfast or an early brunch may be a perilous affair if you, like me, have an office to get to.
com)-- On Tuesday, May 21, 2013, the showrooms' Style Lounge will be hosted by Bagatelle, alongside the Las Vegas Fashion Week runway shows, and on Wednesday, May 22, 2013, the Style Lounge will move to a private suite in Heraea at the Palms.
Each Bagatelle expresses a different mood using experiments in tonality and form in which the Lekkers revelled.
Summary: Many people recognize his places before his name -- Uncle Sam's, the Blue Note Cafe, Le Rouge, Bagatelle -- but restaurateur Nabil Majdalani has long been a force in Lebanon's hospitality industry.
Bagatelle, executive vice president and New York City Metro market president.
David Bagatelle will serve as an executive vice president of Provident Bank and will be president of the New York City market.
David Bagatelle has been named as executive vice president of Provident Bank and will be president of the New York City market.
NAN MacDonald, 90, is a resident at the Bagatelle care home, part of the Greenock Medical Aid Society (GMAS) in Inverclyde.