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the dry dusty pulp that remains after juice is extracted from sugar cane or similar plants

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The sources said that Nandipur Power Project (425 MW), Quaid-e-Azam solar park (100 MW), Chinniot Bagasses (62 MW ), Sapphire Wind (50 MW) and Rahim Yar Khan Bagasse (30 MW) were completed during 2014.
05) in sugarcane bagasse treated with urea 40 g/kg and urea 40 g/kg + whole soybean meal 25 g/kg (55.
The aim of this work is (1) to prepare bagasse fiber (Cut 10 mm length); (2) to make bio-composite materials from thermosetting cardanol-formaldehyde resin with bagasse fibers as reinforcement in different weight percentages; (3) to examine the mechanical and thermal properties of the bio-composite materials.
Bagasse of African palm was obtained as residual material from an oil palm extraction plant that is located in the department of Bolivar (Colombia).
Bagasse, the fibrous matter that remains after sugarcane stalks are crushed to extract the juice, is used as a biofuel and in the manufacturing of pulp and paper products, as well as building materials.
We are in the final stages; by end of this year we will be able to come up formally in our entry into renewables: the first biomass bagasse project that we will do, Azurin said.
Cassava bagasse may comprise 10-20% of the roots' weight used in the production of starch, which may contain up to 60% of starch (Buitrago, 1990), with energy rate at 74.
Sugarcane bagasse is a new alternative as a replacement to existing product of activated carbon.
Researchers have studied the possibility of using bagasse fibers and carbon nanotubes as reinforcing agent in cement-based composites.
With high pressure boilers each sugar mill is assumed to produce 15 MW from bagasse leading to a total capacity of all sugar mills at 1200 MW.
In this work raw and modified sugarcane bagasse was used as the natural organic sorbent for crude oil adsorption.
Nicaragua is the second largest exporter of sugar in Central America and is the country making the most use of sugarcane bagasse to generate clean energy.
Biofuels include plant tissue such as wood and farm waste - the latter include rice husk, rice straw, coffee husk, wheat husk, corn cob, sugarcane bagasse, cotton sticks, cane trash, etc.