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shaped like a bag

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Leahy was on his high horse about how the Earth will soon be engulfed in a vast carrier bag-shaped metaphor if more isn't done to stop global warming.
On the negative side, you can't see what the product looks like and the bag-shaped carton is virtually destroyed if you try to peek.
The stunning selection of eclairs, cakes and fancies are all inspired by fashion collections with Mathew Williamson meringues, Alice Temperley iced dresses and Anya Hindmarch bag-shaped fondant fancies tempted the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, right, and Madonna.
Decadent mixtures of chocolate and frosty peppermint are sold in four 100ml bottles (17% alcohol) within a sleek, hand bag-shaped tote -- a perfect hostess gift or stocking stuffer.
Mix it with a few more oddities like calceolarias, with their little bag-shaped flowers and deliciously chocolately-smelling Cosmos atrosanguinea and the junior family members will be delighted.
Modeled after one of Pablo Picasso's illustrated posters Hands and Flowers 1958, the line features salad plates, mugs and espresso cups and saucers sold in sets of four, a teapot, oval vase, bag-shaped vase and a jumbo cup and saucer.
The Cadbury-owned company has joined rivals Nestle and Mars in cutting packaging for its 2009 Easter offering and has designed new bag-shaped boxes that banish the need for plastic inserts.
Lasting allure: This young scamp, with his paper bag-shaped head, his body's jagged, modernist silhouette, his brat-propelled skateboard, may be ``yellow trash'' to the town gentry, but to his mother and everyone else, he's our special little chap.