bag of tricks

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a supply of ways of accomplishing something

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The Bag of Tricks activity that we trialled with our students proved to be productive in enhancing their understanding of the features of three-dimensional objects.
Joey Haddad ask me what he was going to do and I said Jake has a whole bag of tricks, six or seven moves.
Sport naturally dominates but behind the scenes are the usual bag of tricks one associates not only with schoolboys but with Wodehouse's prose.
Many supposedly revolutionary products come and go, but mud motors have found meaningful purpose in a hunter's bag of tricks.
This is a stellar songwriter, with a seemingly inexhaustible bag of tricks.
Sony Creative Software has itself pulled out of its bag of tricks amazing compositions like Vegas and Acid Pro that have very distinctive usefulness but why continue to update a basic audio editor when your core media production software can handle it all?
The September 2010 issue had a good article, "From Denial to Final" It makes a good point, and I have it in my bag of tricks.
The truth is government has a limited bag of tricks when it comes to economics.
Local entertainer Wolly the Clown had a big bag of tricks up his sleeve, including plate-spinning, juggling and stilt walking.
While photographers working with chemicals and enlargers in darkrooms certainly came up with a variety of techniques for manipulating images, digital photography opened up a larger and much more diverse bag of tricks.
Mozart's Sonata in F major K332 is a real bag of tricks.
They have little to lose, will be motivated to avenge last month's 38-10 home thrashing, and will no doubt delve into their bag of tricks.
ARWEL Thomas proved he still owns a bag of tricks as crafty as any magician's.
Look at the laundry list of available automotive technologies these days and it reads like something Q would prepare for 007 before an important mission: radar cruise control, night vision, electronic stability control, and a whole host of acronyms that sound like they're meant to counteract SPECTRE's bag of tricks.
In a nutshell: Magician uses his bag of tricks to wrest his childhood sweetheart from the embrace of Austria-Hungary's crown prince.