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a homeless woman who carries all her possessions with her in shopping bags

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Jenni Davies' character of Glinda, a waitress at the long-gone Hing Hong's Chinese restaurant, Penydarren boy Callum Kemp Jones, Emma Hickey's Dorothy, Sharon Harries' Bag Lady, and swing singer Paul Black, playing Dole Boy, had excellent comedy value.
The writer, who grew up in Wood End and Foleshill, where her mum Jenny still lives, said: "I'm very excited that Bag Lady will be finishing its tour at the beautiful Belgrade Theatre in my home town of Coventry.
Her characterizations were supported by an intense physicality, as she bounced across the floor in a froglike squat as six-year old Edith Ann, hunched over for Trudy the bag lady, or stood ramrod straight as Mrs.
AoI prefer the word `casualty,AoAae she writes in her memoir, AoThe Bag Lady Papers,Ao Aobecause it implies wounds that all of us have sustained.
There are some lovely ceramics by Carl Hodgson, whose local commitment also includes an oil of a bag lady outside TJ Hughes.
SHREWSBURY - The battle over a $5 million Proposition 2-1/2 override question has become a Celebrity Death Match pitting the Easter Bunny against an unidentified Bag Lady.
Mugged and left for dead on the rail bed, he is rescued and slowly nursed back to health by a mysterious bag lady.
Also putting in appearances were Tomlin alter egos Judith Beasley, 6-year-old wise child Edith Ann and Trudy the bag lady (lifted directly from Tomlin's ``The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe'') contemplating the benefits of a reality-detached mind and waiting for her extraterrestrial friends.
Kooba a/k/a The Bag Lady, whose handbag are carried by several noted celebrities, signed a five-year, 2,600 s/f lease.
The novel is the last in the author's Johnny Maxwell trilogy which, according to the BBC, follows the adventures of a bag lady who holds the key to time-travelling.
Ken Takahashi's dramatic short, produced at the Independent Filmmakers Cooperative of Ottawa, is the disturbing tale of Gary, a grimy and sad character who brings a bag lady back to his cramped, subterranean apartment for some of the most awkward and decidedly twisted sex in all of Canadian cinema.
It's packed with energy and humour and sees young revellers cavorting naked in a fountain, a bag lady amused by a busker's song and a Union Jack waver using the space as a soap box for gibberish political speeches.
They really got in the spirit of things and went above the beyond the call of duty--especially JT, who pretty much made out with a bag lady to earn his team the big 50.
Every year, Fichter figured in the show as an accordion-playing, soothsaying bag lady in a big hat.
So are all those people I go to church with--not only the pastor and the deacon and the woman who volunteers for everything, but very possibly the snoring bag lady, the cantor who loses the tune, the 2-year-old who shouts "And also with you