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a homeless woman who carries all her possessions with her in shopping bags

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If being Bag Ladies hasn't kept them young, it's kept them young at heart.
The Bag Ladies Luncheon is the perfect opportunity for the fashion industry to support the very women they serve on a daily basis.
Enticing fretful bag ladies beyond the unprepossessing frontage up to a luminous haven of luxury leather goods was Heatherwick's principal design challenge, and he has risen to the occasion with characteristic aplomb.
Bag Ladies are tea bags served up hot with a dash of humor and light-hearted sisterhood.
With complaints growing about the numbers of beggars, bag ladies, and mumbling, stumbling vagrants, cities are fighting more than ever before to move homeless people out of public spaces.
Jack actually found his transvestites, pansexuals, and mentally retarded bag ladies hilarious.
Bag Ladies The Mail's fashionistas give the verdict on what's hot in the fashion world.