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The Malaita coast was only twenty miles away, but the last night a strong current and baffling winds prevented them from gaining across.
The baffling enigma of the Chinese character to the West was no baffling enigma to the Japanese.
The dominant colour was grey, and yet there was to it a faint reddish hue--a hue that was baffling, that appeared and disappeared, that was more like an illusion of the vision, now grey, distinctly grey, and again giving hints and glints of a vague redness of colour not classifiable in terms of ordinary experience.
The years were before her; and the years in their course reveal baffling mysteries of life and death.
Venture your ten pounds--in plain English, pay me for my time and trouble in a baffling and difficult case--and I'll give you an opinion founded on my own experience.
He saw now that there were what might be called streets or alleys, but they ran in baffling turns and twists, nor ever reached a destination, always ending in a dead wall where some Wieroo had built a house across them.
It seemed to consist of a combination of meat, fruits, vegetables, small fish and other undistinguishable articles of food all seasoned to produce a gastronomic effect that was at once baffling and delicious.
In the stress of privation and the need of effort I might sometimes forget the somber secret ever baffling the conjecture that it compels.
All these baffling head-reaches after immortality are but the panics of souls frightened by the fear of death, and cursed with the thrice-cursed gift of imagination.
Other text talk baffling parents includes "deadout", which means rubbish or tired.
Baffling is always required for liquid-liquid dispersion, with the exception of suspension polymerization and certain highly shear-sensitive emulsion polymerizations [33].
The existing range has eight (8) firing lanes, overhead baffling, and a steel bullet trap.
In this work, the experimental and numerical tests were performed to investigate the effects of baffling and baffle angle on the sediment removal efficiency of an irrigation sedimentation basin.
A tiny statue found in an Egyptian mummy's tomb is baffling experts by apparently moving on its own.
Everyone loves gadgets but our subscribers come to us because they want straight-forward tips and no-nonsense advice on sometimes simple but still quite baffling gadget problems," says Gadgethelpline.