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Perspex's earlier bafflement with the Tate Gallery show was caused not just by the work on display but equally by an inability to appreciate that the cultural baton had moved on: New York had become the new art capital.
FORMER Everton winger Kevin Kilbane has added his own bafflement to the list of observers who can't understand inconsistent Everton.
It's perfect for fans of Girl on the Train or After the Crash; there's the initial bafflement as we try to understand what's happening, guess the secret hidden in the pages and pick a narrator to trust.
There was bafflement as referee Mike Dean blew for a penalty.
The chapters that make up the five parts of the main body of his text are devoted to insult, gay suicide, and the staggered temporalities of consciousness, erotic bafflement and the lesson of Oscar Wilde, Henry JamesEs queer pedagogy, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
and But mainly it's just fatigue, plus bafflement that even bigger "efficiency savings" are expected over the next five years.
Her bafflement must arise from the Partnership not having fully understood the severity of the government's grant cuts and their impact on the council's budget.
NEW YORK -- The calendar says August, but that didn't stop Santa Claus from visiting midtown Manhattan and snarling a section of Sixth Avenue, much to the bafflement of tourists and the frustration of drivers forced to idle their vehicles.
Sydney, May 2 ( ANI ): The appointment of former Australian cricketer as Pakistan's batting coach for the ICC Champions Trophy has been met with bafflement in the country, with former greats saying that they have never even heard of the Australian.
Or the bafflement of all when Jealous Again left her rivals standing for US trainer Wesley Ward a year later?
Ala jdin Demiri assesses that the closeness of Frckovski with SDSM and his personal friend ship with Crvenkovski cause bafflement than a solution to the problems.
It all sounded a little like one of those judges who scratch their heads in bafflement at who these Beatles are.
The hat has attracted much mirth and bafflement across the world being compared to a Turkey Twizzler, a toilet seat and even a giant pretzel.
The announcement was met with bafflement by veteran Newcastle defender Campbell, who said: "This will hit the players hard.