badminton racket

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a light long-handled racket used by badminton players

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JO Kilby dropped her badminton racket for life on the rugby field - because she wanted a sport where she could "get stuck in".
But he has other objectives in his sights before he finally lays his badminton racket to rest.
You don't just go into a sports shop and ask for any old badminton racket or a pair of football boots.
Another girl waves a badminton racket at her own head as it orbits her pole neck, tetherball style.
ANF Lahore on a pursuance of information intercepted a parcel at DHL, Cargo Office, Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore and recovered 960 Grams of Heroin concealed in a badminton racket.
com)-- A new badminton blog is promising badminton players of all standards help in selecting the best badminton racket for their style and standard of play.
The medical secretary has taken to pulling on thick gloves and wielding a badminton racket to fend off the 2ft male, which also targets her elderly parents Ann, 77, and Ben, 79.
Sara's journey into international sport began at the age of six, when she took up the badminton racket for the first time.
99 or you could pick up a badminton racket for pounds 12.
If only she had picked up a dinner-plate sized tennis racket than a side-plate sized badminton racket then her hunger for success would have reaped its rewards in her bank account.
One of them allegedly attacked a woman teacher with a badminton racket.
Three winners will also win a pair of brand new Hi-Tec trainers worth pounds 60 and a Powerblade Superlite badminton racket worth pounds 80.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of equipments Yogamat, Table Tennis Table, Badminton Racket, Cricket bat etc.
Garden: Wilson nCode nForce 400 Badminton Racket, www.
EVER SINCE Tom picked up a badminton racket at the age of six, there has been a healthy sibling rivalry in the Wolfenden household.