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HERI Setiawan gave Bahrain the men's singles gold medal at the ABA Badminton Cup, which concluded recently in Dubai.
The occasion also highlighted the recently concluded Al Muzaini Exchange Badminton Cup where prizes were presented to the winners.
Badminton Badminton Federation member Jamal Daoud handed Jordan Badminton Cup to Al-Hussein City Team who won the tournament for the third consecutive year after beating Bayt Yafa.
Dubai: Hiran Rasi, Omar Sharif and Sandeep Panikar advanced to the next stages of the Copy Corner and Legends Foodstuff Badminton Cup being held at the Etisalat Academy.
Badminton ChampionshipAl-Hussein Youth City team clinched the decider against Beit Yafa team (2-1) in the Jordan Badminton Cup championship at Mu'ta Hall at Al-Hussein Sports City.
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