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the court on which badminton is played

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The claustrophobia of the square chamber of the badminton court, emphasised by the mono-function of the room through precise rules demarcated on the ground, vanishes when one glimpses the heterogeneous laws of ecology manifest in the image of nature, beckoning us towards the open.
We had already played table tennis and squash and were now locked in a titantic struggle on the badminton court to be followed by a tennis match.
Field Group Plc of Misbourne House, Badminton Court, Rectory Way, Old Amersham, Buckinghamshire, tel:0149 472 0200 tell us that the Nestray is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and this pack can apparently be used on existing filling equipment without the need for any major modifications.
The balance of Senior units will occupy a new three-story building behind the mansion on a portion of the site now occupied by garages, outdoor parking, and a badminton court.
Tenders are invited for Providing cleaning service to Yediyur Market Attal Bhari Vajapayee ground Diaysis centre, Mahila Mandail, Samudaya Bhavana and Navatara Badminton court in ward no 167 for the period of One year
As it happens, I trace my back problems to doing all the twisting and turning on a badminton court.
The MNA, who is also Chairman National Assembly Standing Committee on Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan, formally started the competitions in badminton court.
A PUPIL from Merchant Taylors' Girls' School in Crosby has again excelled on the badminton court by winning gold medal for England at an international tournament staged in Dublin.
Those who attend can also hire a free badminton court and enjoy gym discounts at the Rugby, Leamington and Henley-in-Arden campus.
In fact, in the minutes of the sports ministry, which lays down the procurement of materials for the various disciplines of the Commonwealth Games, it is clearly mentioned that for laying of the badminton court, ' only the Yonex badminton court was considered as a single proprietary item.
Look around and you'll find a fully-equipped sports hall complete with badminton court and viewing gallery, a stable block, outdoor tennis courts and heated pool.
About 50 years ago, players moved the game onto the badminton court and adopted volleyball's scoring system.
Tenders are invited for Providing Security services to Yediyur Market, ABVP ground, Navatara Badminton court, Ambara Chumbana and Tailoring centre in ward no 167 for the period of One year
LIVERPOOL'S exciting new talent Joao Carlos Teixeira has made his first appearance for the club - on a badminton court in Kensington.
He also said that a dispensary, a badminton court and a gym were also being set-up for better health and recreation facilities of police; while a grand plan for the uplift of police.
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