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Synonyms for badlands

a tract of unproductive land

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deeply eroded barren land

an eroded and barren region in southwestern South Dakota and northwestern Nebraska

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John's unique artistry blends the grit of vintage motorcycles and hot rods, reclaimed wood and his own unique style to create some of the most striking designs in the country," said Chuck Brennan, founder of Badlands Pawn, Gold & Jewelry.
Brennan said the owners of American Jewelry & Loan in Detroit consulted with him when he originally conceived Badlands Pawn to help him make it the absolute best pawn shop in the Midwest.
In many ways, Badlands is an effort to right that wrong while simultaneously bringing authentic Hong Kong-style kung fu to US audiences.
Badlands had earlier this year, announced that it had inked an ethane supply deal with Continental Resources for its North Dakota complex.
But even in a history pockmarked with offenses--after the massacres and broken treaties and the carving of four US presidents' white faces into the sacred Black Hills, which the Lakota sometimes refer to as Wahmunka Oganunka Inchante, "The Heart of Everything That Is"--the seizure of the Badlands for use as a bombing range was an especially sharp fuck-you.
The band's world premiere concert will be filmed for an upcoming television show and the first 500 guests in the door will receive a free Badlands House Band t-shirt.
i've never been but the Badlands sound like you look and you look
Badlands manufactures a number of packs to suit every individual, from heavy-duty, long-range packs, to light daypacks and fanny-packs.
A few ferrets, captured, reared in captivity, and bred, slowly nursed that hope back to life and in 1994, the Sage Creek Wilderness and Badlands National Park became the focal points of reintroduction efforts.
Here we report two genera and at least four species of small erycine snakes from the Early Oligocene of the Badlands National Park in South Dakota.
45pm In one of his toughest challenges to date, Bear heads to South Dakota - which is home to three of America's most incredible and remote wilderness areas: the Black Hills, the Great Plains and the inhospitable Badlands.
We look forward to sharing our passion for world-class beers and the biking life with the good people of the Badlands.
CORRECTION(RAN APRIL 3, 2009):Outdoors: William Sullivan's Tuesday column on the new Badlands Wilderness Area said Steens Mountain was the only Oregon wilderness area created in the past 25 years.
Badlands has taken four of their most popular packs (4500, 2200, Superday and Monster Fanny) and created the Badlands 10th Anniversary-Limited Edition packs, available in the Realtree Hardwoods Snow.
is the site of the annual Canadian Badlands Passion Play, scheduled for July 4-6 and 11-13, and marking its 15th anniversary this summer.