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Synonyms for badlands

a tract of unproductive land

Words related to badlands

deeply eroded barren land

an eroded and barren region in southwestern South Dakota and northwestern Nebraska

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This year, she took the BADLANDS tour global with sold out dates on five continents and she has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel Live
The desolate environment of the Badlands plays a recurring role in Cretacea.
When Into the Badlands begins on Monday, it will be the only martial arts drama on television, and one of the few to tackle the genre since Kung Fu aired four decades ago.
Badlands said each site will have two 600,000 tonne/year reactor lines, which brings the total to 2.
Badlands Entertainment CEO Chuck Brennan said a surprise mega celebrity will be performing at the concert, which was originally scheduled for August 29 at Huset's Motor Speedway.
Badlands plans to integrate the Speedway into its suite of services, offering guests the opportunity to purchase tickets at its box office or online.
To commemorate two decades of making topnotch backpacks and other hunting gear, Badlands has put together the "Badlands 20 Year Anniversary Book.
ISLAMABAD -- The nearly complete skull of a horned dinosaur well over 6 feet in length was discovered in the Alberta Badlands, scientists announced.
But this was no picnic: cooking in the Badlands is a challenge.
The acquired business, renamed Targa Badlands, is located in the heart of the oil-rich Bakken shale play in McKenzie, Dnnn, and Mountrail counties, ND and includes 155 miles of crude oil pipelines.
But since Salba has the connections and he's King of the Badlands we ended up being able to get in there and get some light going.
forehead can resemble the Badlands first, the Badlands best.
The trip and summer work of the Junior Scientist club is long and requires serious planning, for the junior scientists and friends must pack in all their own camping gear plus enough food and water for all washing, cleaning, and drinking for all their camping stay, because the Badlands where the dig is situated have no water or other easily available facilities.
I recently had the opportunity to try out the Badlands 2200 daypack, and was immediately impressed with the pack's quality of construction.
At 64,144 acres, the Sage Creek Wilderness is the largest protected prairie wilderness in the country, part of the park's North unit--the wild heart of South Dakota's 244,000-acre Badlands National Park.