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Synonyms for badinage

Synonyms for badinage

good-natured teasing

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frivolous banter

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He is no raconteur by his own admission but he did tell the crowd he was pleased to be there, thanked them for turning out and explained that he was not big on inter-song badinage.
often gives an extraordinary quickness, vivacity, rapidity, facility, fecundity of ideas, of reasoning, of imagining, of witticisms, of quips, sallies, repartee, resources, clever badinage, extreme subtleties of thought, profundity, abstruse truths, tenacity .
This being Shakespeare, even first-time writer Shakespeare, there are lovers to be thwarted, friends to be betrayed, bandits to be confronted - and what everyone would have to agree is some fairly woeful wordplay that puts the bad into badinage.
The men I work with now would be horrified to hear what was the daily badinage when I first entered the business, so it can't be the environment that's put- ting women off.
You can control your badinage and click yourself away when boredom lurks.
You've got an iconographic format -- the fast badinage of the duo.
Take a trip on a local bus or a walk down a Huddersfield town centre street on a Saturday afternoon, and you may well hear some choice language and obscenities exchanged as if it were normal banter and badinage.
And I believe passionately that the line should not be decided by people of weak disposition who are easily offended, and frequently enjoy being thus rendered, but by normal and robust souls who know the difference between badinage and truly unacceptable utterances.
Philosophical badinage in Cicero's letters to his friends", in J.
And far from showcasing arrogance and hauteur, the Jose and Diego show featured light-hearted badinage and refreshing self-deprecation.
Such gay (and, to some, offensive) badinage is part and parcel of everyday debate and nobody should be immune.
We want to get back to Beatrice and Benedick's badinage.
Ensconced in his chair, he exchanges badinage and memories with his guests, he smiles benevolently on the old boxers who still haunt the place they graced in their prime, and tolerantly listens to the exploits related by the younger generation who knew not the Bute Castle when its fame was not confined to Cardiff but spread beyond our borders and penetrated every sporting town in the United Kingdom and even across the Atlantic to America.
it's peppered with witty badinage, and it's timely, given that it's centered on the quandaries of a generation overly preoccupied with and (paralyzed by) creature comforts.