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a mineral consisting of zirconium oxide

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The evidences are: 1) the presence of interstitial minerals rich in highly incompatible trace elements (mainly amphibole, phlogopite, ilmenite, apatite, zircon, baddeleyite and titanite), 2) overgrowth of early crystallization phases towards a more differentiated composition (mainly plagioclase), and 3) disequilibrium between some interstitial crystals and previous minerals (e.
This means if a baddeleyite crystal contains any lead, it can only have come from the decay of uranium, thus the mineral provides a more accurate clock.
Baddeleyite is useful because it incorporates large amounts of uranium into its crystal-structure, and because uranium naturally decays to lead.
3 By-products Magnetite concentrate ('000 t) 133 118 Uranium oxide (t) 133 100 Baddeleyite ('000 t) 15.
Loose, sharp black crystals of baddeleyite from the same area, these not exceeding 1.
For example, the U-Pb zircon and baddeleyite ages of 201 Ma for the Palisades and Gettysburg sills obtained by Dunning and Hodych (1990) contrast with variably younger ages obtained using the K-Ar and [sup.
4 Mt of copper metal will have been extracted along with millions of tons of titaniferous magnetite and significant amounts of nickel, uranium, baddeleyite, gold, silver, rare earth elements and platinum-group metals.
Iron ore is the primary production at Zhelezny but the mine also produces valuable apatite, which is used in the fertilizer industry as well as baddeleyite, a zirconium oxide used in the industrial minerals sector.
hematite and baddeleyite, can also be helpful (Sabina, 1979; Cares, 1993).
1987, Precise U-Pb isotopic ages of diabase dykes and mafic to ultramafic rocks using trace amounts of baddeleyite and zircon, in Halls, H.
A precise U-Pb zircon and baddeleyite date gave 615 [+ or -] 2 Ma (Kamo et al.
Palabora, and neighbouring Foskor, are the world's primary producers of the zirconium ore Baddeleyite, with Zr|O.