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He was in a bad temper, and now you've spoilt your visit; and he'll be flogged: I hate him to be flogged
Swearing is the safety-valve through which the bad temper that might otherwise do serious internal injury to his mental mechanism escapes in harmless vaporing.
She was at her wash- tub an' I was in a bad temper an' talkin' ill of folk, an' she turns round on me an' says: `Tha' young vixen, tha'
He chatted for a few minutes with the guard, who was, however, in a bad temper at having had to turn out and who found little to say.
They sound off when they think someone else has made a mistake and that shows bad temper.
If you've been following the Katt Williams drama, you know he has a really bad temper and he just can't stay out of trouble.
It can even jeopardize working relationships with bosses, employees and coworkers because bad temper makes you a very difficult person to deal with.
It's taken me months to start to feel normal again, but our three children - twins aged 13 and another of 18 - still live at the family home and have told me she comes home most nights in a bad temper and has hit them.
The Scottish singer, who shot to fame after appearing on the ITV1 reality show, admitted she had a bad temper but said it was a "defence mechanism" to deal with her sudden success.
1 George's Marvellous Medicine Roald Dahl's story about a young boy who makes a medicine in a bid to cure his grandmother of her bad temper.
A bad temper is a natural thing in 'Pakhtuns' but with time everything settles down.
no*to*ri*ous*ly adverb <She has a notoriously bad temper.
His uncharacteristic burst of bad temper begins a chain reaction with consequences no one can foresee
Somehow he must learn to stand up to bullies, including his own father, who is a grump with a bad temper.
It's author is psychotherapist Jed Diamond who says it's caused by fluctuating levels of testosterone which leads chaps to display outbursts of frustration, bad temper and anxiety.