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It was you as always give Old Orlick a bad name to her.
So he sat up at night instead, and played after the family had gone to bed, but that did not do, as it got the house such a bad name.
For the heroic times of copious bleeding and blistering had not yet departed, still less the times of thorough-going theory, when disease in general was called by some bad name, and treated accordingly without shilly-shally--as if, for example, it were to be called insurrection, which must not be fired on with blank-cartridge, but have its blood drawn at once.
Monsieur le Prince thinks, mayhap, that he will make a bad name for himself," he said, "if he rides in such company?
And when they have made many conquests and received defeats at the hands of many, they violently and speedily get into a way of not believing anything which they believed before, and hence, not only they, but philosophy and all that relates to it is apt to have a bad name with the rest of the world.
Report described him to me as having made considerable sums of money in that way, for a man in his position; serving firms, you know, with a bad name, and running all sorts of desperate risks.
His one other remark was made after we had nodded (in Bond Street) to a young blood of our acquaintance who happened to be getting himself a bad name.
The Fellowships must not have a taint upon it that may give it a bad name.
If we get a bad name among the Sahibs, none will employ us as shikarris any more.
I've got a bad name this way,' said Fern; 'and I'm not likely, I'm afeared, to get a better.
But they had got themselves a bad name off the field, so to speak; and I am not going to make it worse by saddling them before the world with Raffles and myself, and that ruffian Connal.
Poor Gub-Gub was dreadfully frightened; and the pushmi-pullyu began to sharpen his horns for a fight by rubbing them on the mast of the ship; while Jip kept springing into the air and barking and calling Ben Ali bad names in dog-language.
Then the missionary make large anger, and call me bad names of darkness, and tell me to go away.
ISLAMABAD -- Former cricketer Rameez Raja has said that the trio Mohammad Asif, Mohammad Aamir and Salman Butt don't deserve a second chance to play for Pakistan as that had brought a bad name to the country.
What he's doing is not only nasty and disgraceful, it's giving all gay men a bad name and reinforcing stereotypes.