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Synonyms for language

Synonyms for language

a system of terms used by a people sharing a history and culture

specialized expressions indigenous to a particular field, subject, trade, or subculture

Synonyms for language

the text of a popular song or musical-comedy number

the cognitive processes involved in producing and understanding linguistic communication

the mental faculty or power of vocal communication

a system of words used to name things in a particular discipline

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As manager(s) of our pubs, you are responsible for ensuring that they are run in a proper and orderly manner and this includes preventing the use of bad language.
I'm no prude and working in factories with men you heard your fair share but you never took the bad language home with you in front of women and kids.
I suppose this persistent use of bad language is rather a sad reflection of our society.
MHP Deputy Chairwoman Ruhsar Demirel told Today's Zaman that it should be men, who more often use bad language in Parliament, to raise their voice against such language.
However, to the writer of the letter, if someone offends you with bad language tell them - not 7DAYS
AMID the celebrations of Oscar triumph of the film, The King's Speech (Daily Post, March 1), there are those who decline to attend the film because of bad language.
The Belgrade has put on numerous performances which have included extreme violence and bad language but these have been, rightly, accepted because of the context of the performance.
JOURNALIST and broadcaster Joan Bakewell described the BBC's plans to clamp down on bad language as "far too sweeping a diktat".
According to the critics, increasing use of expletives on television has led to the bad language.
A Senate inquiry into bad language used on Australian TV by British chef Gordon Ramsay has rejected calls for a ban on certain swear words.
I learned that bad language equates bad thought, and have since worked to correct the damage already done.
If you've ever wondered about the origins and use of foul language, check out Ruth Wajnryb's Expletive Deleted: A Good Look at Bad Language (Free Press, 2005).
However, although this contains violence, the deaths aren't gruesome (future volumes may be more graphic); this manga contains no bad language, either.