bad guy

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any person who is not on your side

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The programme wouldn't be complete if it didn't feature sharptongued Mr Cruel himself, Simon Cowell, and former Coronation Street villain Brian Capron (aka Richard Hillman) is also among those offering their what keeps us rooting for the bad guys.
A bad guy is never to have a last word, and as Arrow slips out into the dark his victim yells, "If I ever see you again you're dead
The Stath hacks and slashes his way through a horde of bad guys.
When you watch a film, there's this obsession with the bad guy," he said.
It didn't take any time at all for the bad guy to get there and get right into his awful ways.
Their job is to play the bad guy in order to teach Marine pilots about the threats they are likely to face in the world of aerial warfare.
But, lo and behold, in our very own field, we're finding the Hollywood paradigm enacted: the good guy "white hats" and the bad guy "black hats.
Washington, Aug 13 (ANI): Justin Theroux has revealed that he loves playing a bad guy role more than a romantic hero, because it is more fun.
Hilarious hijinks ensue throughout the story as Nana and her two grandchildren, Eufala and Bog, have their very own ways of catching the bad guy.
The chief villain (Garret Dillahunt) even has a bad guy goatee for added malevolent effect.
After introductory discussions of primal fears, their place in culture and storytelling, and key considerations in writing complex, believable "bad guy" characters, Morrell explores a variety of character types and situations including unlikely protagonists, anti-heroes, dark heroes and bad boys, bullies and mischief makers, villains, sociopaths, heroes versus villains, dangerous women, monsters, creatures, lost souls, and bad guys for younger readers.
Starting a Collection Agency: How to Make Money Collecting Money" is highly recommended for anyone looking to start their own business, and doesn't mind being viewed as the bad guy to do so.
This title is a homage to the bad guy - you play Kane who is bust out of prison by Lynch and asked by his former gang to recover items that he supposedly stole from them.
There were no such worries for McMahon when it came time to reprise his role as cosmic bad guy Victor von Doom in ``The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer'' (June 15).
The bad guy thinks she can identify him, so he continues pursuing Maddie.