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a fairy that tends to cause harm

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Margi Clarke as the Bad Fairy and co-stars Sean Jones, from Denbigh, as Silly Billy (inset left) and Jessica Punch as Sleeping Beauty (inset right)
She's apparently nick-named her two bezzie mates The Good Fairy (Christopher `I'll come to the opening of a fridge door' Biggins) and The Bad Fairy (Paul `Lily Savage' O'Grady).
And with the introduction of reconciliation, sequestration, and impoundment, the budget process begins to resemble, more than anything else, a bad fairy tale of big government run amok.
Don't panic, this isn't where the Don't panic, this isn't where the bad fairy comes into spoil it.
This year, the fairy goes up against the baddie - there's a good fairy, bad fairy thing going on with Kim and I battling.
I'm going to be a bad fairy this year," she says, sitting resplendent in her flowing fairy robes.
Princess Aurora's bad fairy dies in this tale, leaving her revenge to be carried out by the imposing figure of son Caradoc.
Yesterday, the cast came out in force including Gavin and Stacey's Melanie Walters as the Good Fairy, Coronation Street's Margi Clarke as the Bad Fairy, as well as Denbigh born actor Sean Jones as Silly Billy.
The suitably nasty Carabosse the Bad Fairy (Katy Stephens) fills that role nicely.
Stefan Pejic and Jessica Sandry join the Grand Pavilion as the bad fairy and Josh the Jester.
I hate to be the bad fairy at an extremely premature party but let me remind the Lib Dem leader of boy wonder George Sampson who danced off with the Britain's Got Talent prize a couple of years ago.
Sleeping Beauty played by Nia Jermin, was a delightfully dainty princess alongside the beautiful good fairy, played by Malandra Burrows, and a very bad fairy, very well played by Helen Fraser.
Unfortunately, the bad fairy also made him a (expletive deleted).
The goodies (Three Little Pigs, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood et al) are being taught by the Good Fairy, while Miss Bad Fairy has a class of reprobates (Ugly Sisters, Troll, Wicked Stepmother and cronies) who need to learn how to eat the good ones up in true fairy tale fashion.
Everyone pretends to look disappointed when the bad fairy Pauline announces she won't come to the Christening.