bad debt

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a debt that is unlikely to be repaid

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An ambitious programme to clean up Indian banks of their bad debts might not be achieved in its expected time frame in 2016 because banks can still hide bad debts.
The central bank however, is taking measures to accelerate bad debt buying.
The bank made PS200,000 pre-tax profit earlier this year because of reduced levels of potential bad debt.
Money Management International(MMI) offers the following tips to avoid and reduce bad debt :
THE part-nationalised Lloyds Banking Group today confirmed it returned to profit in the first three months of the year after a marked slowdown in bad debts.
Liverpool-based Bibby Financial Services has reported a 200% rise in firms within the north in the past year approaching them for bad debt protection.
Banks have been hit by rising bad debt since last year as more and more people renege on repayments on loans and credit cards, the price comparison website said.
The company's UK chief executive, Dyfrig John, said the bank had kept its bad debt levels flat despite a sharp increase in personal insolvencies.
1933), addressed the specific charge-off requirement and noted that Congressional intent was to allow a deduction for business bad debts in the year in which ascertained worthless, provided there was "some specific act of the taxpayer clearly indicating their abandonment as assets.
A properly formulated portfolio strategy, executed with the right processes, resources and organizational structure, will keep cash flowing and minimize bad debt exposure.
Bad debt provision by Newcastle City Council includes pounds 5m for unpaid council tax bills and pounds 4m for council house rents.
The racing business can make a bad debt relief claim if they are not on Cash Accounting and a debt is six months past payment date.
Treasury, the IMF and the Bank for International Settlements, you might conclude that the single most important problem underlying Japan's economic sickness is the bad debt problem of the Japanese banks.
Turkey's three state-owned banks have less bad debt in absolute terms, at around $20 billion.