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a check that is dishonored on presentation because of insufficient funds


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The Houses are accused of opening a Wells Fargo bank account and writing bad checks on it, the sheriff's office said.
Heslin, who testified before Congress and the state Legislature for tougher gun laws, has been arrested for issuing bad checks and driving under the influence.
It turned out that they have eight outstanding search and arrest warrants for forgery, theft, impersonating, passing bad checks and opening fire," the statement added.
After receiving a bad check from a customer, avoid making the same mistake twice.
Our new Key Business Online(SM) bad check recovery feature eliminates hours spent processing bad checks and days waiting for funds to be returned to the account.
Each report consists of a credit report, bad check report and employment verification.
Bad check costs, however, are escalating at an annual rate of 25 percent or more at some companies and can account for as much as 1 percent of a business's sales.
CHICAGO -- Consumers can expect to pay twice the amount they would normally be charged for a bank overdraft fee when they make a retail purchase with a bad check, according to a recent national survey by Moebs Services, an independent, nationally recognized economic research firm in Lake Bluff, Ill.
The county check enforcement program has helped get more than $250,000 in restitution in bad check cases since 2004, District Attorney Alex Gardner said.
A writer of a bad check should be considered a criminal but he is not under current rules," he added.
A probation officer's report said her victims included a neighbor who loaned her $1,000 for rent after she said she hadn't received her paycheck, a man who let her move in with him after she said her husband was killed, a mover paid with a bad check and a Lancaster hotel where she skipped out on a $300 bill after offering nonexistent concert tickets as payment.
If an ordinary citizen wrote a bad check, he could pay a penalty of up to $25 or face interest on the overdraft," declared Time.
Marks would pay for the vehicle with a bad check and then disappear, quickly reselling the cars and pocketing the money, police reports said.
According to SIMAH, a bad check is issued when a person writes a check without adequate funds, withdraws the funds before the check is cashed or deposited, orders the bank not to process the check, or writes it in a manner that prevents the bank from processing it.