bad block

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(computer science) a block (usually one sector) that cannot reliably hold data

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Table 7 shows the time of three algorithms with no bad block or one bad block.
The GBDriver RS1 controller secures expanded spare space for future bad blocks, has improved block control structures within the controller, and is equipped with an address control mechanism structure that can be used even when a large number of inherent bad blocks occur in the memory in a short period.
Features include 216 pin-driving capability for four or eight site gang programming using one or two modules, true Universal Gang architecture supporting any programmable memory and microcontroller device, high density devices up to 256 Mbyte, multi-cycle addressing and serial format, smart media support, random bad block device programming and diagnostic capability on board for rapid device error analysis.
The UltraDrive SSDs are equipped with advanced error correction (ECC), wear leveling and bad block management technologies to insure reliable and phenomenal endurance.
FlashFX[TM] Tera features pre-written support for over 300 flash parts, including MLC, works with virtually any NAND controller, and features wear leveling, bad block management, and background compaction for unrivaled performance.
Error-correction is performed within the ClearNAND package itself, allowing wear-leveling, compaction, Bad Block Management and other flash management functions to be done in software.