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Synonyms for bacteroid

a rodlike bacterium (especially any of the rod-shaped or branched bacteria in the root nodules of nitrogen-fixing plants)

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resembling bacteria

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documented the second case when they performed a prospective investigation of the incidence of Bacteroids fragilis and Clostridium difficile in tissue of appendectomies using ELISA to detect toxins A and B.
Within the individual root cells, the bacteria become devoid of a cell wall and become bacteroids, which develop the nitrogenase enzyme and fix atmospheric nitrogen.
When preparations of nodule tissue were observed under the scanning electron microscope, it was evident that bacteroids from effective nodules were more visible and abundant inside peribacteroid membranes than those found in tissue preparations from ineffective nodules.
In the legumerhizobia symbioses, the active host cells of the root nodule have a finite lifetime, and the intracellular bacteria within the nodule form bacteroids, which represents a terminal differentiation of these cells (Hirsch, 1992).
The uglycone was associated with the bacteroids (Meyer & Mellor, 1993).
In CSOM the wide range of microrganisms both aerobic (eg: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, streptococus pyogenes, proteous mirabils, klebsiela species) and anaerobic (eg: Bacteroids, Peptostreptococus, Propioni bacterium) and fungi (eg: Candida, Aspergilus, Penicilium and Rhizopus) are asocialted.
Streeter effects of salt stress on amino acid, organic acid, and carbohydrate composition of roots, bacteroids, and cytosol of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.