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Altro Maxis Suprema is also formulated with AltroSan[TM] integral bacteriostat.
Both also incorporate Bioguard, a bacteriostat for enhanced hygienic protection, and can be welded at the seams and to coved skirtings to create continuous, impervious surfaces which offer no sanctuary to dirt and bacteria.
In 43 of 55 strains with a W-Beijing genotype, either susceptible to bacteriostat or MDR, we found a mutation in mutT4.
Dehydroacetic acid is an effective bacteriostat and fungistat.
The active ingredient is a bacteriostat said to be compatible with antistats, fillers, pigments, optical brighteners, and uv absorbers.
The vinyl contains ultraviolet-light inhibitors and a bacteriostat that cuts mildew problems and reduces algae growth--and lets you use less chlorine.