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a virus that is parasitic (reproduces itself) in bacteria

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The agreement covers individual patient expanded access for AmpliPhi's investigational bacteriophage therapeutics, AB-SA01, targeting Staphylococcus aureus, and AB-PA01, targeting Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
The presentation, titled Efficacy and safety of a Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteriophage cocktail in a sheep model of rhinosinusitis will be delivered by Dr.
In conjunction, Intralytix will initiate clinical trials with Ferring's colleagues at Mount Sinai hospital, to evaluate the safety and efficacy of this proprietary bacteriophage preparation in human volunteers, added Dr Falk.
The maximum bacterial growth control was observed by the bacteriophages SANF and SA2 at 25degC temperature, while bacteriophage SA showed reduction in bacterial growth from 99 to 60 percent during transition form 4-6 h post infection.
Last November, Ramirez presented a compilation of the research he's conducted at Del Mar--including his bacteriophage discoveries--during the World Congress on Undergraduate Research in Doha, Qatar.
The name bacteriophage literally means "bacteria eating.
Four lytic bacteriophage cocktails (PSEA-2, SSEA, PSIA-2 and SSIA) capable of infecting SE and SI were isolated from wastewater of artisanal poultry processing plants.
Target: Novolytics/bacteriophage-related intellectual property, bacteriophage libraries, formulation and regulatory know-how as well as GLP toxicology data
D'Herelle was a self-taught French-Canadian scientist who serendipitously discovered that bacteria-fighting viruses, later referred to as bacteriophages, exist and that some of them are present in humans to combat disease.
In recent time bacteriophage therapies have been reemerging as potential candidate as an alternate to antibiotics (20,21).
A bacteriophage, or phage, is a virus that attacks bacteria, and in this case, Gonzalez' team isolated phages that target Xf.
Rapid molecular biology methods can be used to create vast libraries of proteins displayed on bacteriophage that also encapsulate the encoding DNA, they explain.
We will also compare the antimicrobial sensitivity profiles with the bacteriophage susceptibility profiles.
Similar to P13374, one of the bovine phages (P13803) lysogenized an Stx-negative EAEC O104:H4 strain and converted it into an EAEC-STEC-producing Stx-2A bacteriophage (10).
The effect of various range" of dilution temperature and pH on T4 bacteriophage lytic activity against Escherichia coli had been characterized.