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the branch of medical science that studies bacteria in relation to disease

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Biochemists, biomolecular engineers, bacteriologists, and other scientists, about half from universities and half from drug and gene companies, explore how enzymes can be manipulated to help develop new drugs.
While presiding over a high-level meeting to review the on going spray/fogging campaign and treatment facilities for the dengue patients, in his office, here today, he called a meeting of the entomologists, bacteriologists and other medical experts of Institute of Public Health (IPH), KEMU, University of Veterinary Sciences and Health Department, in his office on Monday morning.
Bacteriologists at Belgium's University of Ghent showed that colonies of bugs like dust mites could be wiped out in six weeks.
Bacteriologists and medicinal chemists at Southern Research Institute, managing the TAACF program are available to comment on the tuberculosis scare, quarantine and research challenges in developing new drugs to treat these multi-drug resistant strains.
Returning to Breslau, Ehrlich was impressed by several outstanding histologists, physiologists, pathologists, and bacteriologists, including Weigert, Julius Cohnheim, Rudolf Heidenhain, and Ferdinand Cohn.
Bacteriologists have one more complete genome sequence in their grasp.
11 by a committee composed of bacteriologists set up by the ministry to tackle the issue failed to draw specific conclusions about the cause of the problem, merely saying the substitute pericardiums are somehow responsible.
Other investigations by bacteriologists and biologists could find no cause of death.