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of or relating to bacteriology

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As there have been bacteriologically documented failures in patients infected with pneumococci when the MIC is over 8 mg/L [65], in regions with a high rate (> 25 %) of infection with high-level (MIC = 16 mg/L) macrolide-resistant pneumococci, using of alternative agents like respiratory fluoroquinolones (moxifloxacin, gemifloxacin, levofloxacin) or a beta-lactam plus a macrolide is recommended in outpatient CAP [13].
5% of the pool water samples were bacteriologically compliant and 88% were compliant with free chlorine residuals for pools as stated in Wisconsin Administrative Code (1 part per million [ppm] for activity and plunge pools, 2 ppm for wading pools) (Wisconsin Administrative Code, 2002).
Lane 3 was injected with a bacteriologically free milk sample (CMT negative) contaminated with standard C.
Discharge from Carville during pre sulfone days required twelve bacteriologically negative exams on a monthly basis.
Amongst 33 cases 20 cases of pulmonary TB were bacteriologically confirmed by either AFB smear or culture examination, out of these 90% was positive for IgG antibody and circulating free antigen detection and 95% for CIC antigen detection.
We had no suspicion at all that the transfusion was bacteriologically infected," she said.
Levofloxacin, the bacteriologically active isomer of ofloxacin, is used in the treatment of infections caused by periodontopathic bacteria and facultative anaerobic bacteria.
31) The sulfones--first Promin and then Diasone--resulted in marked improvement in early cases within several months; within two to three years many patients were being discharged as bacteriologically negative.
Sulfide corrosion is a bacteriologically mediated process in which hydrogen sulfide gas is oxidized in the presence of moisture to form sulfuric acid that attacks the matrix of concrete.
The clinical score correlates well with bacteriologically proven cure.
Pipe is cleaned either by pigging or high-velocity flushing, pressure tested and bacteriologically cleared.
Dear Editor, - Nationwide there appears to be a great deal of controversy over the bacteriologically unclean state of many hospitals.
A follow-up study of gastro-intestinal diseases related to bacteriologically substandard drinking water.
A press statement said: "There have been no bacteriologically proven cases of necrotising fasciitis at Monklands Hospital in the last three years.
With a salad, fish and chips are nutritionally sound and bacteriologically safe.