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of or relating to bacteriology

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Following collection of uterine sample, pH assessed using pH paper was 8 and uterine swab subjected to bacteriological examination showed positive bacterial growth.
Public swimming facilities can become highly polluted from the multitude of bodies bathing within the same water source and it is extremely important that the bacteriological water quality of such facilities be monitored (Stachecki & De Haan, 1997).
The study considers the effectiveness of immunoscopic method in determining causative agent through ACL-method results with the results of bacteriological method of investigation samples of the clinical material in children at the early age who have sepsis.
Bacteriological sampling was done in 470 (93%) of the remaining 507 autopsies.
Outbreaks of endotoxin-related illness associated with drinking water have been documented infrequently, probably because many outbreaks of fever-related illness from water are not commonly identified by routine medical and bacteriological analyses (2).
Analysis of water samples taken from drain discharge points after storms indicates that such waters can exceed state bacteriological standards, depending on such factors as amount of discharge and ocean currents and tides, for 72 hours after a storm.
Further, based on the new technology, the two companies have devised a system that can conduct an bacteriological test while cows are milked.
Lane County was the guinea pig in a massive and successful experiment that proved it is possible to control a gypsy moth outbreak with a relatively benign bacteriological agent.
Normally, the residual chlorine level (which is discussed later) and bacteriological counts are confirmed by a lab before the system is put into service and water used for drinking.
Melosi divides The Sanitary City into three sections: "The Age of Miasmas" (colonial times to 1880), "The Bacteriological Revolution" (1880-1945), and "The New Ecology" (1945-2000).
This new partnership has been established to enable industrial and municipal customers to detect and monitor upcoming bacteriological problems in time.
The Convention (Ratifications and Signatories) link leads to the texts of all the major agreements leading up to the convention, going as far back as the 1925 Geneva Protocol for the Prohibition of the Use in War of Asphyxiating, Poisonous or Other Gases, and of Bacteriological Methods of Warfare.
A SWANSEA company which has come up with a revolutionary watercleaning treatment is being asked for help by businesses and householders in the USA following concerns about chemical and bacteriological terror attacks on water supplies.
Council inspectors currently monitor bacteriological contamination and disinfectant levels at 33 pools.