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of or relating to bacteriology

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By the late 1920s, Young's Bureau of Laboratories in Lansing and Grand Rapids had established a national reputation for bacteriologic research.
We analyzed the associations of genetic clustering by IS6110-RFLP with patients' characteristics and bacteriologic factors (Table 4).
We have not unblinded the two treatments yet, but overall we have seen a clinical cure rate of 70% and a bacteriologic cure rate of 74%.
Antibiotics in chronic suppurativeotitis media: A bacteriologic study.
If bacteriologic results were negative, a Brucella genus-specific realtime PCR was also used (9).
Forty-two carcasses were obtained and evaluated by clinicopathologic, histologic, bacteriologic, and virologic (molecular) examinations.
The primary efficacy end point was the proportion of patients with an "unfavorable" outcome, which was defined as bacteriologic failure or relapse within 18 months, treatment change after 5 months because of positive sputum smear results or clinical or radiologic deterioration, or death that was possibly or definitely attributable to active tuberculosis.
The natural history of tympanostomy tube otorrhea varies with age; often, seasonal bacteriologic differences manifest, as well.
Clinical cure and bacteriologic eradication rates were compared by means of descriptive statistics.
Although chemistry was well established at British universities by the end of the century, it was mainly the microscope and bacteriologic examinations, not chemistry, that led to the setting on of clinical laboratories in England, beginning about 1880 (1).
The bacteriologic eradication rate was 89% in the once-daily group and 85% in the twice-daily group, and the clinical cure rate was 97% in the once-daily group, and 94% in the twice-daily group (J.
Identification of P acnes in clinical specimens by bacteriologic culture has been difficult.
Moreover, the APHA survey did not report the presence of nitrite, bacteriologic contamination, gastrointestinal disease, diarrhea, or methemoglobin concentration.
Her department is responsible for running all bacteriologic tests.