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of or relating to bacteriology

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Based on the findings of Kremer et al, (9) a bacteriologic differentiation between patients with and without sinusitis is not possible.
Treating streptococcal tonsillopharyngitis in children with a cephalosporin instead of penicillin produces significantly more bacteriologic and clinical cures.
The higher treatment success rates among Orel patients in whom asymptomatic TB was diagnosed using chest radiograph (without bacteriologic confirmation) compared with those with bacteriologic confirmation may reflect either early diagnosis of disease or incorrect diagnosis.
Therefore, the implementation of bacteriologic diagnosis should be considered even in smaller hospitals in a rural African setting to monitor pathogen distribution and resistance rates.
On the basis of the clinical and bacteriologic data obtained in this study, we conclude that the glycerin form of 0.
The duration of this anti-TB regimen is at least 6 months, and therapy should be administered following current guidelines published by the American Thoracic Society and CDC (3), including the recommendation to carefully assess clinical and bacteriologic response in patients co-infected with HIV and to prolong treatment if response is slow or suboptimal.
bovis infection and describe the epidemiologic, clinical, and bacteriologic findings.
Prevalence of STEC and S enterica was estimated by bacteriologic culture of cloacal swabs collected from pigeons trapped at urban and dairy locations in and around Fort Collins, Colorado, from January to November 2003.
Many pediatricians prescribe antimicrobials for children with shigellosis because they shorten the duration of illness and hasten bacteriologic cure, they said.
Esposito et al conducted two studies of the clinical and bacteriologic efficacy of topical ciprofloxacin in chronic otitis media.
Therapy was credited with a bacteriologic cure if a pretherapy isolate had not recurred after 4 weeks.
For well characterized outbreaks of watery diarrheal illness for which no pathogen has been identified during routine bacteriologic examinations, arrangements can be made through local and state health departments to send E.
The infection was suspected after examination by electron microscopy and confirmed by bacteriologic and immunohistochemical investigations; finally, the bacterium was identified as B.