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Danisco's validation studies with the AutoZone show that microbiologists can save time, while achieving accurate and reproducible results, making the AutoZone an essential tool for testing the activity of bacteriocides in any food manufacturing facility.
ZnP is a strong bacteriocide (usually used in liquid form for plastisols), while IBPC is a strong fungicide.
The Company will use the proceeds of the financing to increase production capacity for the AgriPhage (a natural bacteriocide used by commercial vegetable growers) product line, to expand development in the Food & Water Safety, Industrial and Dietary Supplement markets, and to extend sales into Mexico and Canada.
The AP uses aluminium chlorhydrate to close sweat pores and reduce the flow of perspiration while a bacteriocide helps prevent odor.
Two Lonza scientists theorized that if IPBC was a good fungicide, maybe it could be combined with a good bacteriocide and generate synergism.