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Software interprets the absorbance to determine whether the sample is bacterially contaminated.
37] Aspiration may or may not be a preceding event in nosocomial pneumonia, but it is assumed that pneumonia can result from gastric stasis and reflux of even a low volume of contents of a non-motile, bacterially colonised stomach into the airway.
Generating a Prion with Bacterially Expressed Recombinant Prion Protein.
The optometrist explained that the idea for the App came after he encountered problems using the printed cards, which "get bacterially contaminated, soiled and grubby.
To test this, we bacterially expressed recombinant CBP fused to GST for purification (Figure 4A) and subjected the purified proteins to an in vitro kinase assay in the presence of [.
Bacteria and Turbidity were identified as the major source of contamination as 1009 samples (55%) out of the total of 1839 were found bacterially contaminated.
Thengungal, An invitro and invivo investigation into the suitability of bacterially triggered delivery system for colon targeting, Chem.
The presence of microorganisms in cooling water systems can lead to bacterially induced corrosion, inefficient heat transfer due to coating of surfaces with heavy microbial growth (biofilm), and the potential for disease transmission (Legionnaires' disease).
52) Selectin inhibition by fucoidans also reduces the severity of early bacterially induced arthritis.
The MX and Ideabase trolley lines and bucket range are the first results of a partnership agreement between VDM Italy and antibacterial treatment specialist Microban - and are aimed at professional cleaning of bacterially sensitive environments.
On visual inspection it was found that the FSU received food from suppliers that were not HACCP approved which meant that food could have been bacterially compromised before reaching the FSU.
Identifying bacterially infected oak by stress wave nondestructive evaluation.
Echinaforce treatment resulted in complete abrogation of all the bacterially induced cytokines, such that the arrays for S.
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