bacterial toxin

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any endotoxin or exotoxin formed in or elaborated by bacterial cells

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Host-pathogen interactions encountered in Gram-negative organisms at close interface with eukaryotic cells have been recently linked with the bacterial type HI secretion system (T3SS) and OMV-associated export of bacterial toxins (30-32).
Preliminary studies have shown that cultures of mammary cells grown in single cell layers, or monolayers, can be used to show the effect of bacterial toxins on mammary cells.
By accessing Intrexon's proprietary technologies and capabilities, we will pursue development of a vaccine against the bacterial toxin, which does not yield cross reactivity with the gastrointestinal motility protein.
Researchers also studied 20 fields of cotton genetically engineered to produce the bacterial toxin and also to resist the weed killer glyphosate.
These are all symptoms of the muscle paralysis caused by the bacterial toxin.
His group recently devised strips that sense the poison ricin and a bacterial toxin called staphylococcal enterotoxin B.
The stress somehow triggered an abnormal immune response to a bacterial toxin," indicates John Sheridan, professor of molecular virology.
Over 2 weeks, the researchers gave each rat six injections containing the proteasome-inhibiting bacterial toxin epoxomicin, a synthetic proteasome inhibitor called PSI, or a solution devoid of inhibitors.
Police investigating a massive outbreak of food poisoning in western Japan have narrowed to three the number of potential sources of enterotoxin, a bacterial toxin blamed for the poisoning, at Snow Brand Milk Products Co.
AUCKLAND, New Zealand -- When Virionyx, a New Zealand biotechnology company, tested a new anthrax vaccine, company scientists were elated when it worked, but then dumbfounded when one of the negative control agents compared to the vaccine also provided an unexpected level of protection against the bacterial toxin.
He may finally have found a solution: a bacterial toxin that can kill the uninvited caller.
Police also plans to take action against the then manager and others of the Snow Brand plant in Taiki, Hokkaido where enterotoxin, a bacterial toxin, was discovered in samples of powdered skimmed milk produced there.
23, the Hokkaido prefectural government ordered Snow Brand to halt production at the plant indefinitely after discovering enterotoxin, a bacterial toxin, in samples of powdered skimmed milk produced here.
Mice treated with statins suffered less damage when the bacterial toxin was injected into their lungs.
The company said the strain of the detected bacteria is not the kind that generates bacterial toxin.