bacterial toxin

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any endotoxin or exotoxin formed in or elaborated by bacterial cells

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It is now becoming increasingly clear that Gram-negative pathogens employ OMVs for targeting toxin delivery into mammalian cells (17,18) and that they contain a variety of bacterial toxins (19-21) which may have some role in virulence (22) and pathogenicity (21) and also in cytokine production by neutrophils (23), besides acting as potent inducers of platelet aggregation (24).
A quantitative and highly sensitive luciferase-based assay for bacterial toxins that inhibit protein synthesis.
The VIPA3 toxin in cotton is assumed to be substantially equivalent to the toxin produced in bacteria but, as in the case of most other commercial Bt cry toxins, the toxin protein is allowed to diverge significantly from the bacterial toxin so long as the protein remains active against insect cells and is immunologically similar to the toxin produced in cotton.
While China gives the most attention to crops such as wheat, rice and potatoes, its current focus is on Bt cotton, modified to produce the bacterial toxin Bacillus thuringiensis as a pesticide.
These are all symptoms of the muscle paralysis caused by the bacterial toxin.
The outbreak was traced back to the company's Taiki plant, where a bacterial toxin was discovered in samples of powdered skim milk produced there.
Bt, a bacterial toxin meant to kill off the Colorado potato beetle, one of the potato's commonplace enemies in the growing fields of big agriculture.
MTR developed a fusion technique which isolates the dangerous cells and injects them with a bacterial toxin while leaving healthy cells alone.
When they injected a bacterial toxin into mice to induce sepsis, mice whose ability to make SphK1 had been blocked avoided sepsis.
And many die from shock induced by the bacterial toxin, or endotoxin.
When a worm munches on Bt corn, it ingests the bacterial toxin and dies within days.
20 that bacterial toxin in powdered skim milk produced at Snow Brand's Taiki factory in Hokkaido was the cause of the widespread food-poisoning outbreak which made about 13,400 people ill in western Japan.
We found that cytokine response to a simulated bacterial toxin was significantly reduced at the higher level of protein.
Bt cotton makes a bacterial toxin that tends to kill moths and butterflies.