bacterial plaque

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a film of mucus and bacteria deposited on the teeth that encourages the development of dental caries

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171), whereas the proportions were found to be different between boys and girls for bacterial plaque, gingivitis, malocclusion, developmental anomalies and trauma.
NPeriodontal disease, the commonest mouth condition in dogs, whereby a build up of bacterial plaque on and around the teeth leads to inflamed gums (gingivitis).
Often linked with gum disease, it's usually due to nothing more serious than a build up of bacterial plaque in the mouth, although less common reasons include lack of saliva, nose problems, sinusitis or a long-term lung infection.
Periodontal disease begins with bacterial plaque formation that results in a pronounced local inflammatory response and neutrophil activation.
The accumulation of bacterial plaque on teeth induces a host response resulting in soft-tissue destruction and tooth loss.
Active decay is chalky, rough to the touch, and covered in bacterial plaque.
Bacterial plaque, which is a combination of bacteria, saliva and food, is a major cause, as is tartar.
This root is covered by a substance called cementum, much softer than enamel and more easily decayed by the attacking bacterial plaque constantly being formed in the mouth.
Dentaid was created in 1980 with a clear mission to investigate, develop and commercialize products aimed at preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases produced by dental bacterial plaque, by either physical, chemical or biological means.
Bad breath in pets stems from bacterial plaque accumulation.
mechanism of action, which is to reduce the adherence of bacterial plaque to
It can also be the result of build up of bacterial plaque and over-zealous brushing over a period of time.
Smokers build up more bacterial plaque, which is a major factor in both gum disease and dental caries.
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