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The authors looked at the sensitivity and specificity of the WHO guidelines in diagnosing invasive bacterial disease--susceptibility of isolated organisms to recommended antimicrobials.
Brogden (dentistry, University of Iowa) offers a review of current work in the pathogenesis of bacterial diseases and mechanisms of host-pathogen interactions, for nonspecialists and students in bacteriology and immunology.
Unfortunately, specimens often are submitted for bacterial analysis only, not viral testing.
Nonetheless, looking for the presence of this bacterial signature in volunteers accurately identified 80 percent of volunteers with oral cancer.
Khosla's strategy capitalizes on researchers' growing knowledge of bacterial genomes.
Bacterial vaginosis in lesbians and bisexual women, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 2004, 31(11): 691-694.
The development of a rapid, sensitive and inexpensive screening method for bacterial detection is complicated by the numerous strains of bacteria that can contaminate platelets and the time required for some strains to proliferate to the point where they can be detected.
Research reviewed by the Harvard team suggests that bacterial pathogens can survive in salt water, especially in waters with low salt concentrations (such as those found in estuaries) or high nitrogen loads.
Microban is registered by the EPA as inhibiting bacterial growth in plastic but has not been approved for public health claims for humans, the EPA said.
Hospital Acquired Bacterial Infections Market to 2017 - Niche Players are Most Active in R&D, Positioning Them as Potential Acquisition Targets for Big Pharma
It's impossible to exaggerate the importance of bacterial infection in patients with acute hepatic decompensation superimposed upon end-stage liver disease, Dr.
In vitro resistance to bacterial biofilm formation on coated fluoroplastic tympanostomy tubes.
We used cultured Xenopus tadpole cells (XTC-2 cells) to investigate the activation of ERK by oxidative or bacterial stress, two environmental factors that could contribute to pollution in aquatic systems.
The signs - cautioning against swimming in the man-made lake - have been posted since the beginning of the summer season, warning of bacterial levels that exceed health standards and might cause illness.