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Synonyms for bacteriacide

any chemical agent that destroys bacteria

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Comments: Extremely effective blend of a potent bacteriacide and fungicide.
They've done that with pear trees, and perhaps there will be a bacteriacide that will prove beneficial in grape vines as well.
The alliance, formed in 1989, brought together two effective technologies--Lonza's hydantoin bacteriacide with Troy's iodopropynyl fungicide.
Arysta LifeSciences, owned by Platform Specialty Products, is a leading crop protection company in more than 125 countries worldwide, offering growers a range of market-leading crop protection and biological products including seed treatments, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, miticides, bacteriacides and biosolutions.
The company also offers DBDCB-based combination biocide products and other fungicides and bacteriacides.