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In addition, the isolates (MS-3/48) observed some characteristics of marine bacteria genus Pseudoalteromona as gelatinase activity, weakly utilization of D-glucose and positive for oxidase as was reported by Ivanova et al.
According to a report in National Geographic News, researchers who mapped the genomes of three species of Nasonia wasp for the first time said that the parasites, of the Wolbachia bacteria genus, cause a gene in wasps to stifle the insect's protein-based "alarms" against the bacterial invaders.
From brand-name medicines and generics to bacteria genus and anatomical definitions, WEBSTER'S NEW EXPLORER MEDICAL DICTIONARY is packed with reference details perfect for either home or public lending libraries.
A variety bacteria genus which can result histidine decarboxyilases enzyme (HDC) including kin Enterobacteriaceae and Bacillaceae [3].
According to Mangunwardoyo, dkk (2007) known a lot of bacteria genus who can result histidin decarboxylase, enzyme that changes histidine as histamine, as Proteus morganii (are next so-called Morganella morganii), Hafnia alvei, Klebsiella pneumonii, Clostridium perfringens, Lactobacillus spp.