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transient presence of bacteria (or other microorganisms) in the blood

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The length of hospitalization before bacteremia and the unit (ward or intensive care unit--ICU) were the variables analyzed.
Annual rates of methicillin-resistant bacteremia declined significantly, reversing the trend of increasing MRSA infections that had been reported before 2005.
Complicated bacteremia and endocarditis should be treated parenterally for at least 4-6 weeks, in addition to debridement of any septic foci of infection.
4) In addition, early intervention may be especially important with MRSA, since MRSA bacteremia is associated with increased mortality compared with methicillin-sensitive S aureus bacteremia.
The current consensus is that the volume of blood collected is more important than the timing of blood cultures for the laboratory diagnosis of bacteremia.
1-3) In this article, we report a case of pneumococcal bacteremia secondary to acute epiglottitis and retropharyngeal soft-tissue inflammation in an immunocompetent adult, a finding that we believe has not heretofore been reported.
One of the 6 cases presented by Pelletier et al[1] was that of a 6-year-old boy, and this contribution to the literature, to the best of my knowledge, now makes for a total of at least 28 pediatric patients with C septicum bacteremia for whom clinical details have been published.
This is especially important in the geriatric population, because pneumococcal bacteremia is relatively frequent in those over 65, an age when the incidence goes dramatically up.
Descriptions of the epidemiology of gram-negative bacteremia have been limited by care settings, referral bias, small geographic regions, short study duration, or case identification by use of administrative code data (6-10).
6 Clinical condition of this patient indicated bacteremia and sepsis however we did not receive any blood culture.
As bacteremia caused by pneumococci decreased, 77% of cases in the post-PCVl3 time period were caused by Escherichia coli, Salmonella spp.
Among patients who had infected PUs, six developed bacteremia by the same microorganism with a 100% mortality rate.
aureus) bacteremia in both of the antibiotic's currently approved indications in the United States.
Background: Both procalcitonin (PCT) and plasma endotoxin levels cannot be solely used for a definite diagnosis of bacteremia or sepsis, and there has been few study comparing the values of the two biomarkers for the diagnosis of bacteremia.