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the rind of bacon

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Kitchen scraps like leftover rice and pasta, breakfast cereals (minus the milk) and unsalted bacon rind will do the job just as well.
Oh no, he wants to reinvent the full English that includes mushroom soup with brown sauce and bacon rind, and a special builder's tea granita.
Oh no, he''s gone all experimental on us with a reinvention of the full English that includes mushroom soup with brown sauce and bacon rind, and a special builder''s tea granita.
Avoid putting out salty food like bacon rind and remember there is little nutritional value in bread.
All I got was a couple of sparrows who glanced disdainfully at the bedraggled bacon rind I'd put out, then flew off.
You could pop some cheese or unsalted bacon rind on your bird table to wet their appetite or perhaps hang up an apple or half a coconut for their dessert.
Definitely verboten is Antipodean lamb and pork with crackling no thicker than bacon rind.
Ideal for most kitchen tasks from snipping bacon rind to cutting string.
By this point, we have fiveminutes to find his shoes, his bag, his coat, his Transformer for the journey, snack "anyone to growl money, clean his teeth, get my make-up on, brush my Rod Stewart hair and fight our way through the detritus of plates, knives, cups, crumbs and bacon rind to get to the front door.
Of course there was the coughing of the starlings in the morning when I set off to work and the bombing runs of the feathered rats around St George's Square whenever I took the car through town, but anything exotic was down to maybe the odd robin or two at Christmas tugging on the bacon rind.
A Nutshell,B Bacon rind,C Egg yolk,D Tree sap pounds 250,000:Vidkun Quisling was a traitorous leader of which country during World War II?
Leave out grated cheese, pastry, stale cake, moist bread-crumbs, seeds, sultanas, biscuits, cooked rice and bacon rind for them to eat.
Latest research shows that a regular supply of high-protein food all year, not just scraps of bread and bacon rind, helps to stop the decline in songbird populations and raise numbers again.