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the grounds in back of a house

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The view of ships lying moored in some of the older docks of London has always suggested to my mind the image of a flock of swans kept in the flooded backyard of grim tenement houses.
Being an economical Vermonter, Barrett went to work in a little wooden shed in the backyard of a Brooklyn foundry.
People who are gardening or composting in their backyards and have questions can call us, and we walk them through whatever they need and help," Master Gardener Deb Schmidt said.
In the 2014 Houzz Spring Landscaping Trends Study, 4,500 Houzz users who are in the midst of or are planning a landscape update, answered survey questions about their projects and how they use their backyards.
Fiscal year 16-17 include Coronado, Cortes and Stuart backyards along with Joan Dr from Maria to Novak, Daniel Dr from Elizabeth to Bungalow, and Albert Way at Weaverly.
All M gene-positive swab specimens were collected in 13 locations (8 backyards, 2 markets, and 3 farms) (Table 1; Figure) Sample protection was suboptimal, and only 21 samples could be subtyped by real-time RT-PCR and sequencing (Table 1).
The Backyard Science exhibit is being held Tuesday to Saturday, and promotes experimentation with scientific phenomena in the backyards of family homes.
No matter what the season or time of day or night, our backyards are busy places.
The way to track them across North America is for everybody to go in their backyards, parks, in the cities and the country -- everywhere -- and look for birds.
Her customers knew they could rely on this 31-year industry veteran for their pool and spa needs, but they had to leave town to find everything else for their backyards.
While environmental headlines make much of the rift between property rights advocates and conservationists, a growing number of land owners are working to make their backyards more attractive to wildlife, benefiting both the human and animal worlds.
The Valley kids in their backyards were staging their performance art, a kind of tract-home art a povera suffused by a spirited sense of absurdist theater.
is on the trail of the crafty wildlife that trample backyards, feast on gardens, and raid birdfeeders.
Perhaps the key to educating the public about forest pests in their backyards is this: We like trees in our cities and backyards, but we must take the good with the bad.