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a man who lives on the frontier

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Winningly, none of the garrulous matriarchs, soulful old coots and bearded backwoodsmen here were squeamish about foodie taboos like deep-frying and ketchup.
A few Tory backwoodsmen have a bee in their bonnet about May Day because of its association with International Labour Day.
a continual negotiation in cross-cultural encounters between backwoodsmen and authorial narrators (and the educated groups for which they are stand-ins).
The right-wing backlash being led by the prime minister, threatening to remove benefits, impose curfews and evict whole families from their council houses if any members have a criminal conviction, will cheer up Tory backwoodsmen and some Liberal Democrats.
Backwoodsmen focuses on the Big Thicket region of Southeast Texas, along the Angelina and Neches rivers.
Heralding from Deer Lick Holler, deep in the heart of the Appalachian mountains, they make the backwoodsmen that did terrible, terrible things to poor Ned Beatty in the movie Deliverance look positively metrosexual.
This style call lent itself to being made by backwoodsmen, and first commercially by Elam Fisher in 1870; others like the Hansen Broadbill came along in 1917, and Redduck was advertised as late as 1924, by which time the duck call as we know it today was fully developed.
I had thought that only backwoodsmen like Dennis Skinner still swore by this archaic policy.
INITIALLY famous as a 1954 film starring Howard Keel, this story of a family of backwoodsmen kidnapping their prospective wives took nearly 30 years to reach the stage.
And the American public, having become accustomed to the government as nanny, teacher, doctor, spouse, sugar daddy, scold, dietician, and the font of all knowledge and wisdom, would stand around the tree like stereotypical Appalachian backwoodsmen, laughing at the treed fool and unable to comprehend the deeper meaning of the scene.
East Texan Fisher (1902-56) did a bit of most everything; one was photographing Southern backwoodsmen in The Big Thicket over the course of 20 years beginning during the 1930s.
Once the Olympic champion had equalled Powell's world 100m record ( in Doha, Qatar, which is warm, sunny and with relatively little wind ( then we became the backwoodsmen, the country bumpkins there to be swept aside.
Volunteer farmers, artisans, backwoodsmen, tradesmen, boatmen, and mere boys, all accustomed to hardship and labor, make up the cast.
It may pander to the prejudice of your own backwoodsmen, but it damages the interests of Britain.
They were ridiculed throughout English-Canada as stupid backwoodsmen with the same fervour that the Alliance and Stockwell Day were demonized with during the November 27 election.