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a man who lives on the frontier

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Boone was no simpleton; he was literate, shrewd, and an experienced backwoodsman.
In this paper, however, I would like to recuperate Burke's stipulations for the analysis and deconstruction of the Adirondack backwoodsman myth for several reasons: firstly, Burke suggests that literature is at once reactionary and creative, that is, it is a fabricated response to circumstances (or, to use Burke's term, "situations") upon which a conduct to overcome those circumstances is reflected.
But unlike the economists contacted by the Telegraph, a newspaper not noted for its pro-European opinions, I am convinced that the euro will thrive in the future, the union will remain strong, and at some point in the future the UK will stop being the backwoodsman of Europe and join the currency union.
or Lincoln the lover, or Lincoln the backwoodsman, or Lincoln the autodidact, or even Lincoln the idealist.
Such knives may conceivably still have their place on the belt of a Kentucky backwoodsman, for example, or in a circus - but in North Wales?
IT's 51 years since Herman Sherman, a backwoodsman from Virginia, was drafted by the US Army.
Carlos Sorin's delightfully offbeat "The Road to San Diego," about a young backwoodsman with a Maradona fetish, is another audience-friendly addition to the director's repertoire of bizarre human interest stories, most notably his doggy tale "Bombon El Perro.
ANDREW JACKSON captured the White House in 1828 by turning himself into a symbol of American manhood, a tough backwoodsman who dressed, spoke, and acted the part.
If dollars are destiny, how did a Kentucky backwoodsman become the Great Emancipator?
COUNTRYSIDE: I've been reading and enjoying Backwoodsman (PO Box 627, Westcliffe, CO 81252) for a couple years, then I found COUNTRYSIDE.
The chase attracted enormous public attention even before the backwoodsman was finally cornered and killed near the Alaskan border, but not before taking another Mountie with him and wounding two others.
Law, as backwoodsman Inman, and minister's daughter Ada (Kidman) have only time for the briefest courtship in rural Cold Mountain before he's called away to fight for the South.
But within minutes our heroes are plunged into a living nightmare when a staggering backwoodsman with an appalling skin condition knocks on their door begging for help.
They helped shoot Yardley from a pounds 15-a-week backwoodsman with lowly Cowdenbeath to a top flight clash tonight against European Champions League bound Rangers.
He stars as a backwoodsman employed by 20th century law enforcers for his age- old skill in tracking people in the wilds.