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a man who lives on the frontier

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In true backwoodsman style, he never goes anywhere without his portable stove and with the help of Tom and Mathew soon has generous handfuls of ground elder sizzling away in the pan.
It makes a difference if his opponents objected to Andrew Jackson as an uneducated backwoodsman who did not know which fork to use at a formal dinner or if they saw him as a Julius Caesar, intent on using his military success for personal and party aggrandizement.
I'm now in Mississippi, out in the country, starting the backwoodsman life I wanted to do for the longest time.
Such knives may conceivably still have their place on the belt of a Kentucky backwoodsman, for example, or in a circus - but in North Wales?
IT's 51 years since Herman Sherman, a backwoodsman from Virginia, was drafted by the US Army.
ANDREW JACKSON captured the White House in 1828 by turning himself into a symbol of American manhood, a tough backwoodsman who dressed, spoke, and acted the part.
He was a backwoodsman of modest origins who overcame the often-fatal constraints of low birth and lack of formal education to rise to international prominence through exceptional ability, perception and charismatic personality.
When I walked into a bar a cliche backwoodsman, his beard tucked into his belt, drained his glass, belched, put his Dostoevsky down on the pool table, vomited, and carried on reading.
Read sided with them both--he was a backwoodsman in the country of sophisticates.
Although he was not transformed into a backwoodsman, Joaquin stresses that the boot camp was invaluable preparation for The Village, in which he plays a determined young man who wants to discover what lies beyond the community's enforced borders.
The chase attracted enormous public attention even before the backwoodsman was finally cornered and killed near the Alaskan border, but not before taking another Mountie with him and wounding two others.
Law, as backwoodsman Inman, and minister's daughter Ada (Kidman) have only time for the briefest courtship in rural Cold Mountain before he's called away to fight for the South.
But within minutes our heroes are plunged into a living nightmare when a staggering backwoodsman with an appalling skin condition knocks on their door begging for help.
They helped shoot Yardley from a pounds 15-a-week backwoodsman with lowly Cowdenbeath to a top flight clash tonight against European Champions League bound Rangers.
When Brownlow boasted about winning a backwoodsman badge in the Scouts, bon viveur Conway replied: "Oh super - we eat beans, drink from tin mugs, and sing Ging-Gang-Gooley