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Synonyms for backwash

the flow of air that is driven backwards by an aircraft propeller

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the consequences of an event (especially a catastrophic event)

the wave that spreads behind a boat as it moves forward


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The evaluation of backwash performance in pressurized sand filters used in irrigation is a complex procedure, due to the variability of the operating conditions and the number of factors intervening in the phenomenon, which still requires deepening in methodology and normatization.
coli in more than half of pool filter backwash samples indicates that swimmers frequently introduced fecal material into pools and thus might transmit pathogens to others through recreational water.
In conventional wastewater or drinking water treatment plants, backwash water results from periodic backwashing of single or mixed media filters used for removing organic matter, enteric pathogens, and other particulate matter from raw drinking water or activated sludge secondary effluent (Persson et al.
One-liter samples of filter backwash were collected in wide-mouthed plastic bottles shortly after the filter flow grew turbid and were transported and stored at 4[degrees]C before flocculation.
The flow meter preinstalled into the discharge pipe work is linked to a relay, which is site programmable and activates the backwash cycle to push the retained particulate from the collection chamber and clean the filter media for re-use.
That way, you can see if the water is going out through the backwash line when you're doing your rounds.
Automatic Backwash Strainers have virtually maintenance-free operation.
Mr Soulsby, 45, of Sycamore Avenue, Thornaby, said the backwash from the fall sucked George into the pipe.
This portable system is fully compatible with any existing shampoo bowl, sink, or backwash station.
Unfortunately, their expressions of concern were poorly timed,coming as they did in the backwash of a fracas at La Manga between two of Sven's players and a duty manager.
Caught in the post-John DeLorean backwash (Adams was seen as one of DeLorean's guys), he joined DeLorean's brother Jack to design vehicles for Grand Prix of America a go-kart racing venture that quickly went bust.
These products are effective over a broad pH range and can minimize flushing time and backwash waste.
Most important to this application is the fact that the systems count gallons of water used and backwash based on water usage, rather than at an arbitrarily set time.
The HMF-SST System is a skid-mounted package with a system-matched pump and Nema 3R control panel for automatic backwash to self-clean the media.