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Suddenly a terrible concussion threw him backwards to the ground.
Brother Ned, my dear fellow, Mr Nickleby waits to shake hands and say goodbye; Mr Nickleby won't be long gone; this poor chap will soon get better, very soon get better; and then he'll find out some nice homely country-people to leave him with, and will go backwards and forwards sometimes--backwards and forwards you know, Ned.
This fact, which has been doubted, is quite true; I have seen them several times with their heads backwards in a completely inverted position.
It is a curious circumstance that, when crying out, they throw their heads upwards and backwards, after the same manner as the Carrancha.
According to a recent update to a Sony patent, the PS5 may include backwards compatibility to enable users to play their PlayStation 4 games on the new system.
Did it once to a nice Enfield and put them on backwards after that.
Summary: Washington DC [United States], Jan 12 (ANI): United States President Donald Trump on Friday went on a Twitter spree, expressing his apparent displeasure with the bipartisan DACA agreement branding it as "a big step backwards.
We really are going backwards under the SNP just when we need to be doing the opposite.
A spokesman for West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: "On arrival, ambulance found a car that had gone backwards down the steep slope and had turned over onto the passenger side.
In fact the grey Volkswagen had rolled backwards down a sloping lawn from a parking bay outside a university building, and was lucky to land on the Fiat 500 on the street below.
Teaching your dog to walk backwards might seem a bit unnecessary, until you have done it.
Eventually, after a few attempts, the trucker managed to reverse out of the archway and had no choice but to continue driving backwards out of the town centre.
Yesterday, Ed Miliband's older brother David, told the BBC that his younger brother, just like Labour Party leader Gordon Brown in 2010, "allowed [himself] to be portrayed as moving backwards from the principles of aspiration and inclusion, the absolute heart of any successful political project.
The Backwards Birthday Party enjoys lively drawings by Chuck Groenink and comes from two songwriters who bring to life the story of a zany birthday party attended by penguins and animals, where everything is backwards.