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Cummins' IT department deployed a centralized SAN that consolidates data for nearly 300 heterogeneous servers into a multi-tiered backup system.
Backup systems are in place, but they take time to get them running, she said.
Maintenance of the entire backup system (hardware and software) for the entire duration of the framework agreement
This architecture includes a backup system that protects critical data on primary storage before it is archived to lower-cost disks or tape by an ILM solution.
The Desktop Automatic Backup System is available now in capacities of 20GB, 40GB, 60GB, 80GB and 100GB capacities with a three-year warranty.
But because the backup system has not been used for several years, officials said that the pipes also carried water with unsettled dirt particles.
With disk-based backup systems, "tapes" are loaded instantly and access to data, anywhere on the "tape", is instantaneous.
0/Me and 2000, the PCMCIA Automatic Backup System (ABS) Plus with instant disaster recovery is now shipping with a three-year warranty in capacities of 6GB, 10GB, 20GB and 30GB.
Councilwoman Laura Chick, who chairs the safety committee, said she wants to make sure there is not another repeat and that repairs are made to the backup systems.
Contract notice: Framework agreement maintenance and evolutions of the backup system.
CMS Peripherals, a leading provider of hard drive upgrades and portable automatic backup solutions for notebook and desktop computers, recently announced the expansion of their Desktop Automatic Backup System (ABS) for Windows 98/Me and 2000 users to include 80GB capacity solutions.
The federal market is seeking solutions that streamline their processes and cut costs, and ExaGrid's disk-based backup system is the most cost-effective solution on the market today.
Then, whenever data with these same tags are seen in the future, the backup system immediately knows not to back this data up.
Moving into the enterprise and network removable storage arena, CMS Peripherals(R), has expanded their Desktop Automatic Backup System (ABS) for Windows(R) 98 and 2000 users to include 40GB and 60GB capacity solutions.
This data growth, combined with the need for a tighter disaster recovery plan, motivated the health network to seek alternatives to its existing backup process which involved writing some backups to their primary storage array and some to a tape-based backup system.