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So we implemented BackTalk using a simple technology that makes sense and have focused instead on character development and a professional production, rather than throwing up some Java crap in order to flex our techno-muscle.
BackTalk was found to be most cost effective in manual handling jobs.
Readers should stay tuned for more voice-based discussion opportunities from SunTalk Live, as well as BackTalk Live, in the weeks to come.
BackTalk Magazine, an online magazine for teens and pre-teens in the Greater Cleveland area created by 15-year-old Erin Johnson, received $10,500 and will be mentored by Tim Biro, managing partner of The Ohio Innovation Fund.
com will continue its First Lady Watch, turning the spotlight on Laura Bush and gauging her approval rating through a series of Backtalk Polls, news coverage and features and community.
Large-number telephone with backtalk (The phone "speaks" each number as it is entered.
There is no backtalk, he said - to the other players, to the umpires, to anybody.
THE BENEFIT OF BACKTALK While many companies in the meat packing industry experience high employee turnover rates and low productivity due to the difficulty of the work, one Northeastern-based meat packing company can boast that about half of its 250 employees have worked there for more than 10 years.
Positive Parenting Solutions focuses on solutions rather than punishment, and offers a proven set of tools and a step-by-step process to address the root cause of the misbehavior so parents can end tantrums, backtalk, whining, sibling rivalry and other misbehaviors for good.
US Horse of the Year Smarty Jones has been enjoying better fortune as a sire recently thanks to second-crop juvenile Backtalk, who burst on to many people's US Classic radars last month after victories in the Bashford Manor and Sanford Stakes at Saratoga.
We've put a fresh coat of paint on every page, from the Table of Contents to Backtalk.
Steward reflects, after this debate, that: "Had he any sons, they would have been sterling examples of rectitude, laughing at Misner's notions of manhood: backtalk, namechanges--as if word magic had anything to do with the courage it took to be a man" (95).
Our Backtalk article was emailed to more than 500 people in 24 hours--a new record for us.
defiance, sibling hassles, anger outbursts, whining and backtalk.
One also senses that it is Lucy's backtalk that makes her attractive to Paul; as she herself observes, "nothing drove him so nearly frantic as the tremor of an apprehensive and distrustful spirit; nothing soothed him like confidence tempered with gentleness" (Villette, 273).