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Her theory seems to be that since both groups of writers are currently viewed through a less favorable lens than are their male counterparts, they must engage in a sort of common subversive backtalk.
I feel I need to backtalk them because they have rules that don't make sense.
68) The litigants in the breakthrough fighting-words cases were people whose primary crime was backtalk to bullying police officers, (69) and the significant breakthroughs even in obscenity law came largely as a consequence of serious publishers attempting to promote serious works of literature.
That didn't prevent him from being fired one night when he lost his cool and gave some angry backtalk to a manager.
Large-number telephone with backtalk (The phone "speaks" each number as it is entered.
Few things have more power to demoralize the group than the leader's inability even to comprehend a convincing piece of backtalk by this week's show-off
There is no backtalk, he said - to the other players, to the umpires, to anybody.
Its goal: To spread to the masses the gospel of "good coffee, no backtalk.
THE BENEFIT OF BACKTALK While many companies in the meat packing industry experience high employee turnover rates and low productivity due to the difficulty of the work, one Northeastern-based meat packing company can boast that about half of its 250 employees have worked there for more than 10 years.
Consumers these days want solid performance from their household appliances - with a minimum of backtalk.
True enough, the big broadcast media have a longstanding terror of any whiff of anti-establishment backtalk.
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Positive Parenting Solutions focuses on solutions rather than punishment, and offers a proven set of tools and a step-by-step process to address the root cause of the misbehavior so parents can end tantrums, backtalk, whining, sibling rivalry and other misbehaviors for good.
ROBIN BECKER is the author of Tiger Heron (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2014); Domain of Perfect Affection (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2006); The Horse Fair (2000); All-American Girl (1996), which won the 1996 Lambda Literary Award in Lesbian Poetry; Giacometti's Dog (1990); Backtalk (1982); and Personal Effects (1977).