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used of hair


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Moomba might lose some budget-conscious buyers with the $3,500 upcharge for the V2, but if that's an issue, the backswept silver Rad-A-Cage tower comes standard.
Its wings are nearly 3 inches across and ruffle-edged, the velvety body distinctly pointed at the rear, the antennae backswept.
The actors, generally dressed in Edwardian-era garb, are given just enough in the way of physical characteristics to indicate their species: Mole has a slightly extended nose, Pat's mustache extends to become whiskers, Toad sports a greenish complexion, and the Weasels wear pince-nez spectacles and possess pointy little teeth and backswept hair; all appropriate critters also show tails from time to time.
Actually, it's Dean Zeligman, whose backswept brown hair and curling sideburns give him an uncanny resemblance to the boy from the backwoods of Tupelo, Miss.
Both sexes sport horns but in old males these are particularly impressive, huge, knobbed, backswept and curved and used in winter as the testosterone-fueled males battle for females and the right to mate.