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a swimming stroke that resembles the crawl except the swimmer lies on his or her back

swim on one's back

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There would be 10 feet of traditional freestyle, swimming with his head up, a brief flirtation with the backstroke.
06 in the 200 backstroke ranks her among the top 16 in the nation.
Bedford had to pay a hefty price for it physically, but she won the 100 backstroke at the Trials at IUPUI.
It was a pretty safe bet that Lenny Krayzelburg would win the 100 backstroke after he came within .
It's enough to make your head spin, just knowing that the man whose legs propelled him to a place no swimmer had ever gone in the backstroke believed his lower body could stand to be stronger.
For two years, Krayzelburg didn't lose a backstroke race.
Krayzelburg became the first USC swimmer since John Naber in 1976 to break an American record in a backstroke event when he clocked 1 minute, 58.
Krayzelburg came out of nowhere to qualify second in the 200 backstroke in the morning preliminaries before settling for fifth in the evening with a time of 2:00.