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someone who swims the backstroke

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Senior backstroker Candy Schatz, and sophomore freestyle swimmers Carrie Samoorian and Teresa Plascencia have varsity-level experience as well.
Olympic 200m backstroker Helen Don-Duncan, one of the newest members of Sellwood's international squad following her arrival at Coventry University in September, must wait until Sunday, the final day of competition in Valencia, to make her first appearance.
And backstroker Lenny Krayzelburg joined Aussie teenager Ian Thorpe as the only triple gold medalists on the men's side when he led off the U.
Backstroker Lenny Krayzelburg, Vendt's training mate this summer at USC, says any miler in the race who dismisses Vendt is playing right into the American's hands.
The world's greatest backstroker made his Olympic debut today in front of 17,500 spectators at the International Aquatic Centre and it went off without a hitch.
After becoming the fastest backstroker in history in August of 1999, Krayzelburg could have become complacent.
is backstroker Courtney Shealy, who lettered three years in volleyball at Georgia, and butterflyer Tommy Hannan, who played quarterback for his high school varsity team.
from Odessa, Ukraine, in 1989, remembers the ensuing conversation as if it were yesterday: ``He said, `Lenny, I think you could be the best backstroker in the world.
Now, though, the Bath-based backstroker wants to end the year with success at the National Championships - and then aim for possible glory in Rio.
The team also included backstroker Lauren Quigley (1:00.
Year 7 backstroker Max Gardner was first to take to the podium, with a silver medal in the U13s 50 metre sprint in 40.
Like his fellow backstroker and Olympian Liam Tancock, Fox spent much time at the beach growing up.
After much deliberation, Confidential gives the gold medal for being the most ab-licious to backstroker, and boyfriend of fellow swimmer Meaghan Nay, Mitch Larkin, who is hard to miss in the pale blue trunks.